About Author

Dear readers, I am glad that you can click in to see my comics. I will make a simple self-introduction for myself.I came from Malaysia and have been exposed to a lot of cartoons and comics since I was a kid. Therefore,I always had a little extravagance in my heart since I was young. I hope that one day I can have my own original comic book. I am honored that when I grew up, I can finally have my own original comics.

My comic book is a bit sci-fi, humorous and educational. I hope that the parents who clicked in can share my comics with their children so that the children can enjoy the comics’ world since they are young, and it can also promote the relationship between parents and children. Thank you !



This story is about an interesting incident that happened to Little Bear Adam and his Siblings in Singapore, a garden city that has favourable cliemate all year around.Now there is one thing one may notice about little bear Adam and his siblings and that is they don’t resemble their parents at all! Though that never mattered to their Mom. As she found them adorable and as long as they were active and happy, Who really cared that they didn’t look the same.

Characters - Intro

Big Bear ( Arthur )

My name is Big Bear (Arthur) Big Bear (Arthur): The second to arrive in the family, caring and loving, he considers himself to be the big brother because of his size. Whenever their parents are not around, Arthur is the one to give the orders. With a strong body, Arthur also has a talent for Mechanical Engineering.


My name is Bad Bad,The first to arrive in the family. Tall, thin, neat, and incredibly optimistic, Bad's good nature means that he cannot hold a grudge even when provoked or bullied. Bad's interests revolve around Biology and Chemistry.


Love-able and honest, he lived with Little Bear in Batam island before moving to Singapore with their parents. Though quiet and doesn't play much, he is the one who loves Little Bear the most.

Little Bear - Adam

Short but strong, don't let his height fool you. With a good memory, an understanding of animal language and lively personality, Adam is always up to mischief. A naughty kid, Adam enjoys picking on Bad and cause trouble, though his brothers and sisters still love him.


Young but generous. She is timid and insecure because she was abandoned by her previous mother. This means that she often feels afraid that her mother and siblings will not like her and abandon her too. Due to Dawa's size, she used to often break furniture until her brother built new furniture out of the iron that meant she could settle down without fear of breaking things.

Big Girl ( Flora )

Flora was brought home by Dad who wanted to have someone around to help Mom when working around the home. Although it wasn't long before Flora found her passion and love of cooking which led her to making all the families meals.

Little Sister ( Mini )

Little Sister (Mini): Female. She has a big head but still looks very lovable. Lively and always goes after the Little Bear. Grandma loves her the most. She is very good at mathematics and can eat a lot of food.


Female,Beautiful and eye-catching. She loves singing and planting flowers. She is lovely and gentle but can be very powerful when she gets angry.

Professor Aaron

He is a biological scientist and a professor as well.He is tall, handsome, and gentle. He assists Professor Hogan in biological research.He really loves Abby.


An entrepreneur who has her own company.She has a good personality and loves children.She is not good at doing housework and is sometimes forgetful.She loves to sleep.

Professor Hogan

Ominous age, look like 70 years old. He is a biological scientist, eccentric. He has his own research institute that can make the organism according to the customers' needs through the extraction of genes.


Arthur's Pet


Adam's follower from Batam, indonesia


Adam’s follower from Batam, Indonesia.

Little Mon

Adam’s follower. Computer expert. Young monkey